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The (drr) slogan competition is heating up.   There have been submissions from people from all over the world. We have asked our host community and the public to give us their best slogan that describes the drr Way.   Our site users are putting their two cents in and coming up with some brilliant slogans. The clever and out-of-the-box creative thinking of our internet family is igniting a big stir on our drr social media. drr Submissions are a big hit on Instagram and Facebook. Travelers are posting videos and snaps of them reciting their drr Slogan as well as giving their best drr Face. Many of these videos that are lighting up Social Media are Hilarious and display our drr Nation’s major originality.

Check out some of the Best drr Videos

Check out some of these original entries:  

Breaking News! drr is here, Reserve a drr, I drr U, Just drr it, It’s a drr thing, drr to Dream, Book a drr, I rest at the best…drr, drr…Relax,Relate, Release,  Millenials love drr, Travel & drr, Good Night, Sleeptight and drr, Party Eat and Finally drr, Hotel Rm or Master Suite…drr, drr & Relaxation, OMdrr, Celebrities reserve drr, Quality Rooms is drr Biz, DOWN-LOAD drr, Hotel Remix..drr, We got Ur drr!, drr the best way to travel, Couples do drr, Home Sweet drr, Share the drr, It’s a drr Thing!, Why pay more when I can drr?, drr.. Maximum Rest Satisfaction, drr Temporial mi casa!, Hooked on drr, drr… Room Happiness Specialist,  drr Host where extra room=extra cash, drr Quick Trippin, drr….Upload your side hussle, drr..This is How we do it. How U drrin?, Rooms on another level…drr, Do U Do drr, Rooms Unordinary…drr, drr….When life gets crazy and Drranged, drr Nation Rocks!, It’s a drr Revolution, Sun,Fun,Drr. Wk wk wk wk wk then u can drr drr drr drr drr, Vakay Time…drr, Lets be drrMates, drr Rooms on Fleek, Hotel Motel Holiday drr.

Above are some of the slogan submissions we have received.  Entries are coming in from all over the world and in all languages.  Feel free to jump in and participate. We would love to hear your very best drr Slogan!

Submit your drr Slogan

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2 thoughts on “ (drr) Slogan Contest

  • Veronica Shelby
    on July 25, 2018

    All day, everyday. drr

  • on July 26, 2018

    My “ (drr) Slogan Contest” submission:

    “A Daily Room Rental for Your Unique Daily Groove” or “A DRR for Your Unique Daily Groove”
    Or “A DRR for Your Ultimate R & R”


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