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Anti-Discrimination Policy

June 25, 2018 by Suyog Goraksha

drr..….Daily Room Rentals is for Everybody

Daily Room Rentals started because our founder was looking for a room to rent on a daily basis, because she could not find a reasonably priced place to stay while she was renting out her home.  Daily Room Rentals is growing rapidly, and with that growth, we are working to ensure that hosts and guests can use our platform without encountering prejudice or discrimination.  drr wants to assist everyone with feeling comfortable with using the platform.   We are a global community that considers guests and hosts our family.

Our Resolution Team is especially sensitive to these issues and is ready, willing, and able to assist hosts and guests with any matters regarding language, religion, race, sexual orientation or any other diversity issues.   The drr Way is all inclusive and respectful to all.  We pride ourselves on our global initiative to give guests a great room for a great price, while at the same time giving our Hosts a chance to turn their spare room into spare cash.

With the drr Way in mind, we are always looking for new ways to bring our diverse community of guests and hosts closer while being sensitive to people from all walks of life.

drr hosts and guests are making a difference

At drr, we are always working to make a difference, and the collective efforts of our hosts, guests and the drr Team makes each drr experience memorable.   The feedback and the stories that we receive from our hosts and travelers are the substance we utilize to critique, improve, and produce new company goals.   We work for you and we listen to you.   You make the difference. With the constant evolution of the travel accommodations industry, we always want to hear your stories.   It’s your experiences that give us the insight into what your needs are.

Bridging cultural gaps and creating an international platform for friendships, diversity, and sharing is our goal.

If you would like to share your experience, you are welcome to submit your article to our drr blog at

Coming together and working together for the best travel experiences is what drr is all about.

Open Minded Hosting

At drr, we encourage our hosts to be open-minded and to set up their space in a manner that respects all religions and cultures.  In some instances, too many religious artifacts can make people from another religion uncomfortable. Too much artwork featuring one race of people could also make guests uncomfortable.   Openly displayed nude photos, alcohol, profanity quotes, sexually explicit materials, etc., could be offensive to travelers.  Always be considerate of your guests and create a professional environment.

Remember, being open-minded to the guests and their needs is very important, but it is also your responsibility to create a non-discriminatory, non-offensive, non-threatening, and comfortable environment.   Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure that guests have a wonderful experience.  When guests have a great experience, we all Win!