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Drr…..Out The Door Pricing!

June 11, 2018 by drradmin

What you see is What you get!

At, guest satisfaction is our top priority.   We pride ourselves on the drr Way. One of the most exciting drr Ways is our Out the Door Pricing.  What we mean by out the door pricing is the room rate we advertise is what it is.

No hidden fees, no booking fees, no guest service fees, and no surprises.   

Many other lodging units require resort fees and additional costs.  Guests go to reserve and sometimes the total is almost double the amount they expected to pay.

At drr, we feel the best business is no surprises business, and that’s why what you see is what you get.

Our commitment is for you to have the best experience from the time you log on to the time you check out.

When our guests have a great experience, we all Win.

That’s the drr Way!