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drr Resolution Team

June 8, 2018 by drradmin

Our Resolution Team is committed to solving problems as quickly and easily as possible.

Hosts and Guests can call us at 1 877 WEBOOKU 24/7 or email us at with any issues they may have.   Sometimes, it takes a voice of reason to come to timely and equitable solutions.   Most issues are a simple fix, and some take our trained resolution agents to work it out.

These are the most common issues that come to the resolution team:

  • Cleanliness of the room
  • Unable to gain access to the room
  • Unabe to contact Host
  • Unable to contact Guest
  • More people arriving to occupy room than agreed
  • Unapproved Pets
  • Smoking in Unauthorized area
  • Guest not abiding by House Rules
  • Room does not have what was advertised

Note: For all emergencies, dial 911 for Police and Ambulance

Those are just a few.  You name it, we have heard it.  It’s our job to smooth things out, so guests can be happy and the host can feel comfortable.

We are here to support you so we can all Win!   That’s hospitality the drr way!

Remember feel free to call us at 1877 WEBOOKU.  We Are Here For You!