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drr Review Policy

July 10, 2018 by Suyog Goraksha


Our two-way review system allows travelers and owners to rate their whole experience after the vacation is completed. The below content is an abbreviated list of our review guidelines.


  • A review must be submitted within  30 days of the date of stay.
  • Users who post content must have all legal rights to post the content.
  • Reviews of a property must focus on the traveler’s experience renting the property, which will typically focus on the stay but may address other factors relating to the rental process such as inquiries or bookings.
  • Listings and reviews should be accurate.
  • Reviews should not disclose the physical location of the property or the rates charged by the owner or manager.
  • Users cannot post a review or response for the purpose of blackmailing or extorting owners or travelers for money or other consideration. The reviews are for the benefit of future travelers, not to allow one party to threaten the other.


  • Owners and property managers may not review their own properties.
  • The traveler has to have stayed at the property and be able to provide satisfactory evidence of the stay.