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June 9, 2018 by drradmin

Starting your drr

To learn more about local laws and rules and to get advice on hosting your drr room correctly, go to drr’s online Help Center.

It is very easy to become a drr host. It is free to create a listing.  Our focus is always rooms. Rooms in apartments, homes, treehouses, mansions, tiny houses, condos, high rises, beachfront properties, and cabins are just a few of the many properties that are featured on Daily Room Rentals (drr). Our owner community is very creative when it comes to making their drr stand out. Many owners have created theme rooms like The Sinatra Suite in Vegas. That’s a fantastic room! For more details on what’s expected of hosts, check out drr’s community standards. This will give you info on industry standards, safety, security, reliability, and hospitality expectations.   We want to assist you with getting great guest reviews while at the same time getting paid.

drr verifies some information about guests and hosts.   Our goal is to make our community as safe as possible. The information that we collect includes a photo, confirmed phone number, and confirmed email address. As a host, for added security, you can also ask potential guests to provide an official ID and employment credentials. A lot of our drr renters are business travelers, so providing work credentials in addition shouldn’t be a problem. We also encourage our drr Host to make up their own check-in paperwork and gather as much information about the guests at check-in, such as license plate number, copy of the ID, and an any guests accompanying them.

Yes, people are going to break the rules.   It’s important that how you start is how you will finish in regards to laying down the house rules with your guest.   The House Rules should be verbally explained to the guest at check-in and also given to them in writing. It’s a great idea to get them to sign the house rules so they can be accountable. It’s your home, so you run the show. Being flexible always helps with establishing a good relationship with your guests. If your guest has an issue with one or a few of the rules, find out why and see if you can accommodate them.

EARNINGS (Getting Paid)

You run the show when it comes to pricing.   It’s important to be realistic in your pricing, so you can be successful in renting out your drr frequently. But we do provide tips to help make your space more competitive. When you create a listing on drr, we suggest a price for your property based on your location, amenities, and other factors. Daily and Weekly rates are the most common. Thirty days or more room rentals fall into a different legal category in most states. Refer to the help center. Our 3 levels are regular drr Rooms, drr Deluxe, and drr Premier. This will assist you with pricing your room correctly. Do comparisons from other successful listings on the site.

All payments are processed securely through drr’s online payment system. Guests are charged when a reservation is made, and hosts are paid 24 hours after check-out. You have several choices on how you can receive your pay-out. You can set up direct deposit, PayPal, or a number of other options.

Accidents are rare on drr, but just in case, we’ve got you covered. Our Host Guarantee provides up to $100,000 of coverage in case property damage occurs, and our Host Protection Insurance provides liability coverage for up to $1,000,000, for every listing. We also offer 24/7 host support, because we want to assist with any incidents you may have and help solve  issues that may arise.

Refer to your local laws to see what is required.  Some states require a certain percentage that you may want to factor in when creating your listing.  Again, you run the show, so it is your responsibility to adhere to your state and federal law requirements in regards to taxes.  Daily Room Rentals is required to report all drr lister earnings to the Federal Government and issue the necessary documents at the end of the year in regards to income. For further info on room tax go to